Where on my property can I place a shed (Detached Accessory Building)?

Any individual accessory buildings or accessory use shall have no greater lot coverage than up to 90% of the footprint at the ground level of the primary structure, unless specified by ordinance for that zoning district.  Accessory Buildings or Accessory Uses, shall be subordinate Building(s) or Use(s) located on the same lot with an existing Primary or Main Building or Use, which are incidental to the Primary or Main Building or to the Principal Use of the land.  An attached garage shall not be included in the size of the primary residential building.  If the accessory building exceeds over 200 square feet in area, it will then need to be on a structurally sufficient concrete slab and/or pad per Indiana Code.  The Accessory Building shall be located on the same lot and within close proximity to the Principal Building.  No Accessory Buildings or accessory uses shall be allowed in any recorded easement.  Unless specifically governed by ordinance, Accessory Buildings or Accessory Uses shall be allowed to encroach up to seven (7) feet from the side lot line and up to seven (7) feet from the rear lot line unless the recorded side and rear setbacks are less than seven (7) feet, in which case the encroachment shall be no more than the minimum setback for that lot type in that zoning district. 

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